The application is designed in such a way that focuses or emphases on the timeline. Each complaint will be treated within the stipulated time

It’s a sheer right of a complainant to know the progress or status of their complaints. complainant can check their complaint status through phone, online, mobile app and WhatsApp bot.



The acknowledgement for the complaints will be given to the citizens through SMS, email, notification on mobile app or a printed receipt from the ward

We understand that their time is valuable so we have incorporated a unparalleled feature that will enable the approximate wait time on IVR


Welcome to Ranchi Municipal Corporation. Ranchi Municipal Corporation (R.M.C) is best known for his mammoth service to the citizen of ranchi. We always attempt to provide best services to our people of ranchi. We are one of the municipal corporation of Jharkhand. The objective of Smart Ranchi operating Connect center is to provide instant redressal of grievance & management of citizen complaints from a central point by use of various communication and digital platforms on 24x7 basis to help RMC in resolving the citizen grievances in the most satisfying ways and provide them the correct and accurate information about their grievances/queries.

Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) was established on 15th September 1979 vide. Government Notification No. 1406 by merging erstwhile Ranchi Municipality, Doranda Municipality and Ranchi Doranda Joint Water Board. It is the second Municipal Corporation of erstwhile Bihar and the first Corporation in the state of Jharkhand. With 55 administrative Wards, the corporation’s jurisdiction extends over an area of 175.12 sq. RMC is governed by the Jharkhand Municipal Act, 2011. The 74th Constitutional Amendment Act (1992) has delegated the primary responsibility for urban management to urban local bodies / Governments. Unfortunately, the devolution of powers to ULBs has been very protracted. Like many other ULBs, there has been no real devolution of powers and functions to the RMC.

The HappServe is a enterprise solution that allows Municipality/Corporation to enhance citizen satisfaction through comprehensive service management and efficient service delivery. HappServe automates entire complaint process, right from registration to closure. It also enforces service level policies to ensure the complaint gets attended within desired timeline or gets escalated to higher authorities for their attention and intervention. Citizens can lodge complaints through a call center, website or by visiting a ward office. At call center or ward office, an operator registers a complaint within the system with all necessary details.

How to register a complaint

A citizen can register complaint(s) at online, call center, mobile App, WhatsApp bot, ward office or through website.

Online through

Click on the “Online” option of Complaint Registration and enter detail of your complaint


Register complaint at
Call Center

Contact our dedicated call center by dialing 1800-570-1235 from landline or mobile between 24*7 to raise complaint.

Register complaint
through E-Mail

Send your Email with “ Name, Mobile Number, Problem to resolve and Location where.